Peter  Koning    

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About Me

First name: Peter.   Family name: Koning.   Born in 1950.   Gender: male.   
Dutch (the Netherlands), Wijchen.

e-Mail: [email protected]       
 phone:  +31 24 8446464    mobile  +31 6 40 81 80 59 

Education:   Designer - Graphic School Amsterdam, Holland  (4-year)      and 
 ... a bachelor program for Visualiser, commercail art/illstration/design, 
Famous Artist School, Connecticut,  USA  (5-year)

Qualification:  artist  /   illustrator  /  visualizer 

Visualizer ...  to be like poetry, it's fashioning illusion from reality. 
I use imaging tot make that realism com alive.

To convey through visualization. I find it best if the right combination of drawing tools, paint and paper comes about instinctively. as well in addition with digital tools

I prefer working with many variety of materials like ...

soft pastels, markers, ink, acrylic-paint, crayons/conté, retouche-paint, airbrush's, litho pencils, charcoal or pencils. watercolour-paint and gouache. 

Gouache is essentially an opaque version of watercolour. Watercolour has a unique delicacy and transparency that makes it the perfect medium for capturing the subtle nuances of light and colour found in nature . Additionally I use colour pencils, retouch greys and acrylic paint. Acrylic is the only paint that adheres properly to hardboard, wood and canvas as well as paper and posesses the transparant qualities of watercolour and adhesive qualities of gouache.

The best and most beautiful things in the world be seen even touche. They must be felt with the hart.